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Week: ---------------                   Weekend: Fri 3rd - 5th

Week: Fri 14th -21st                     Weekend: Fri 21st - 23rd

Week: Fri 12th - 19th                      Weekend: Fri 19th - 21st

Week: Fri 23rd - 30th                                                                  

Week: Fri 13th - 20th                        Weekend: Fri 20th - 22nd

Week: Fri 18th - 25th                                                                    

Week: Fri 8th - 15th *                          Weekend: Fri 15th - 17th

 --------------                                        --------------

* Courses in the Winter months will not include an outside Raku kiln due to the weather. Clay management, hand building techniques and decoration will be explored in greater detail.

If you are interested in specific dates other than those on offer,
Do contact us, we may be able to arrange alternative dates.


Each week's course has six working days and fees cover accommodation, meals and all materials used.

Residential and tuition
Weekends ..... £385.00         Weeks ..... £760.00

Residential only
Weekends ..... £255.00        Weeks ..... £480.00

Tuition only (including Midday meal)
Weeksnds ..... £310.00       Weeks ..... £595.00

Weekends ..... £100.00      Weeks ..... £150.00

A course booking is not accepted until the deposit has been paid.
The remainder of fees is due to be paid six weeks before the course starts. A post-dated cheque may be sent with your deposit if you wish.

Conditions of booking

Gosforth Pottery, its servants, agents, and employees do not accept liability in respect of personal injury, sickness, loss of or damage to property, unless caused by negligence.

We do not cook or supply food for those with life threatening allergies which require a separate kitchen or kitchen equipment. If in doubt please consult us.



Barbara & Dick Wright, Gosforth Pottery, Gosforth, Cumbria, CA20 1AH tel: 019467 25296 email:mail@gosforth-pottery.co.uk